Our Treats

Hidden Gems treats are definitely one of the products we are the most proud about.

All our treats are handmade in Hong Kong by our own production team using top quality, raw ingredients that are imported from around the world. Unlike commercially packaged treats that may be produced years before they are sold, Hidden Gems treats are all made in small batches to guarantee absolute freshness (from production to purchase is typically within 30 days!). 

We are always transparent on which country the meat are sourced from so pawrents can be well informed on the treat's quality. Our treats are made with minimal processing, always with human-grade ingredients, and guaranteed free of any preservatives, additives, and colouring added to them. 

The Hidden Gems production team works very hard to make sure the treats are processed in the best possible way. We clip the nails off all our chicken feet, trim as much fat as possible from our crocodiles, handpick the beards from the mussels, scrape hair from our pig ears... etc, etc. It's not easy but we do this to ensure your pets receive the highest quality treats made with love and care!

We are really proud of our treats and their quality and it makes our day when we hear how much your pets love them. Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it!!