5+5 Donation Program


At Hidden Gems, one of our core values is Community and we’ve always wanted to show our support to local animal shelters for the amazing work they do. To help with the financial burdens our animal shelters go through, we have decided to launch this 5+5 Donation Program where Hidden Gems will donate $5 for every $5 and above customers donate on top of their order. With the support from our community, let's give back to these local animal heroes and help fund their daily operations!

We have chosen 12 local animal shelters as beneficiaries for our 5 + 5 Donation Program. The donations collected each month will be given to one shelter and the shelters will be rotated on a monthly basis. Please see below for the list of shelters selected and a short biography about each!

Benefiting Shelters

Sai Kung Stray Friends

Funded by donations from local individuals and local companies, Sai Kung Stray Friends (SKSFF) are a Hong Kong volunteer group who rescue abandoned, sick, injured and stray puppies/dogs, and extend the chance to fully recover through medical care, love and short-term sheltering until they find permanent families and homes. SKSFF regularly visits the HK-China border to rescue and provide welfare to the stray dogs in the area, including desexing, vaccinating, and providing medical treatments and body checks.

Learn more about SKSFF

Catherine's Puppies

Catherine's Puppies is a small, local dog rescue shelter located in Sai Kung.

Learn more about Catherine's Puppies

Paws Guardian Rescue Shelter (毛守。救援)

Villa Kunterbunt

Villa Kunterbunt (VKB), meaning House of Variety in German, rescues and re-homes pets (mainly dogs) of all breeds, ages, and health concerns. The shelter is operated by Okka Scherer along with a group of committed volunteers and funded entirely by donations and fundraising efforts. VKB strives to provide a safe place with open doors for dogs that would otherwise potentially have nowhere to go.

Learn more about VKB

Maison de Charlotte pour des Chats et des Chiens (沙律貓狗之家)

House of Joy and Mercy (阿棍屋)

HK Saving Cat and Dog Association (香港拯救貓狗協會)

Kirsten's Zoo

Kirsten’s Zoo is a non-profit, volunteer run animal rescue organisation. They provide safe shelter and medical care to abandoned, surrendered, neglected and often abused animals with a goal to eventually stop the flow of unwanted animals. Kirsten's Zoo takes them in and ensures that they are spayed/neutered and have all the necessary medical care provided. They then place them in foster homes until they are adopted.

Learn more about Kirsten's Zoo

Lifelong Animal Protection

Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP) exists to help animals in distress in Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home. They are working to improve the quality of life for all living in Hong Kong.

Learn more about LAP

Society for Abandoned Animals (保護遺棄動物協會)

Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA) is founded since 1997. Throughout these years, SAA has been dedicated to animal welfare related works with our motto “Love Animals, Respect Life, No Killing and Abandoning”. We have an animals shelter located at Yuen Long and we are taking care of more than 200 animals, including cats, dogs, goats, turtles and rabbit, in the shelter.

Learn more about SAA

Big Tree (大樹下)

Kelly's Animal Shelter

Donation Records

Year 2023

  • 10/2023 // SKSFF // Total: $13,150 (Customers: $9,395 ; HG: $3,755)
  • 11/2023 // Catherine’s Puppies // Total: $9,545 (Customers: $6,605 ; HG: $2,940)
  • 12/2023 // Paws Guardian // Total: $15,905 (Customers: $12,215 ; HG: $3,690)

Year 2024

  • 01/2024 // Villa Kunterbunt // Total: $9,985 (Customers: $7,520 ; HG: $2,465)
  • 02/2024 // MCCC (沙律貓狗之家) // Total: $9,385 (Customers: $6,750 ; HG: $2,635)
  • 03/2024 // House of Joy and Mercy (阿棍屋) // Total: $13,845 (Customers: $10,680 ; HG: $3,165)