Zero-Waste... Made Pawssible!

Plastic packaging could take up to 450 years to decompose in the landfill. Until the year of 2022, nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year with a 9% annual growth rate in the world.

Microplastics are produced everyday simply by scissoring, cutting, and tearing open plastic packaging. On average, we have been consuming around 70,000 microplastics per person each year. And although the amount of microplastics consumed by our pets is unknown, it is certain that plastic packaging is adding stress to the health of ourselves, our pets, as well as the planet.

As citizens of Mother Earth, we all play an important role in maintaining the livability of our home. We can do our part by adopting a zero-waste lifestyle and inspiring others to join the force! Conserve our resources by consuming and producing less. Purchase at refilleries for better control over how much you buy to reduce food and product waste. Reuse and recycle to minimize waste from packaging that could pile up in the landfill. Say yes to sustainability, and let your pets take part in it too!

Apart from consumers, businesses also play a big role in the sustainable movement. Hidden Gems would like to take the first step in providing the option for pawrents to expand their sustainable lifestyle to their pets as well. We always encourage our customers to bring their own containers to refill our selection of treats, grooming products, as well as pet supplements. We also welcome all customers to share your reusable jars and containers by dropping them off at our collecting points in the shop!

Thank you for choosing to shop sustainably!