Welcome to Hong Kong's first zero-waste pet store! 

Hidden Gems was born out of our love for pets as well as our wish to help the planet.

Each and every item are personally sourced by our founder, Jacklyn, to ensure each product is of the best quality and 100% safe for your pets. All of our products are available without packaging and even if we do package them, we make the effort to not use any plastic. 

We noticed there were a lot of plastics waste when it came to purchasing pet products for our furry friends and so we wanted to offer a sustainable option for the eco-friendly pawrents around HK!

Apart from plastics waste, we also wanted to help reduce food waste by removing the need to buy a predetermined amount of treats. We understand treats are a hit or miss for some dogs and cats out there and so with our refillery style concept - feel free to just buy a small amount to see if your pet likes them first!

Support small businesses - shop locally!

Around 95% of our products are produced by small, local businesses in Hong Kong. We really have a very talented bunch of small pet business owners here in the 852 and we're so happy to work together with them to introduce their products to local pawrents! 

Each of the local brands' items are carefully and meticulously handcrafted in Hong Kong to ensure your pets receive products that are truly made with their care and wellbeing in mind. They really are the "hidden gems" of Hong Kong!