Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your treats made?

All our treats are made in-house in our own licensed kitchen in Hong Kong. We source raw human-grade ingredients from all over the world and process them in our kitchen to create fresh, natural treats that are guaranteed without any preservatives, additives, flavourings, or colourings.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Our treats' raw ingredients are sourced from all over the world (none from Mainland China). We try to look for the highest quality, human-grade ingredients to be made into treats for your pets. Sustainable and humane options are always preferred by us and we try our best to source only from free-range farms with environmentally conscious practices.

For more information, you can check out the description in each treat's respective product page!

How are your treats made?

All our treats are handmade by ourselves in our own kitchen. We guarantee nothing else is added to them (no preservatives, no additives, no flavouring, no colouring, only 100% pure meat). Once our raw ingredients are defrosted, we will clean then thoroughly and process them (slicing by hand, dicing, trimming fat, etc.) before placing them in our dehydrator or freeze-drying machine.

What is the difference between dehydrated and freeze-dried treats?

We offer two types of treats - dehydrated and freeze-dried.

Dehydrated: After being cleaned and processed, the raw ingredients are placed on metal wire racks and placed in our dehydrator at a low heat temperature for a extended period of time. Approximately 80-90% of moisture is removed through this process, transforming the raw ingredients into crispy or harder treats.

Freeze-dried: Raw ingredients are cleaned and processed then placed into our freeze-dryer which creates a vacuum and removes up to 95% of moisture through a combination of low temperature and low pressure for an extended period of time. Freeze-dried treats are softer and very lightweight.

How long can your treats be kept for?

After transferring our treats to airtight containers, we recommend the treats to be consumed within about one week from the purchase date if stored in room temperature, or about 2 months if stored in the refrigerator.

The actual storage time for our treats can actually be much longer as the majority of the moisture is already removed, but given the high heat and humidity of Hong Kong, we chose a more conservative estimate to be safe.

If the recommended storage is so short, how are the treats in your refilleries able to last so long?

Our recommended storage time of one week is a very conservative estimate as we cannot be certain of the environment of the treats one sold. As the moisture in our treats are almost completely removed, they are actually shelf stable for a very long time.

We place food-grade desiccants in our refillery boxes at the end of every day and all the boxes are fitted with an airtight silicone lid overnight to keep humidity low. Combined with a close observation of the quality of our treats every day, the treats in our refilleries can be kept for months and still be in good condition (though they usually don't last so long and will be all sold within two month from production!).

Do your treats contain bones? Are they safe?

Some of our chew-type treats may naturally contain bones (e.g. chicken zombie feet, duck neck, etc.). These treats are safe to be completely consumed (including the bones) as our treats are all produced using low heat over a very long period of time which prevents the bones from becoming brittle. The bones in our treats will act similar to raw bones and will crush instead of splinter when chewed on.

Please note that cooked bones should NEVER be fed to pets!

How many treats can I give my pet per day?

It is usually recommend to feed no more than about 10% of their daily food intake per day. As our treats are all natural, feeding a little more is still considered fine and perfectly healthy.

Are you treats suitable for cats as well?

Of course! The majority of our freeze-dried treats make great cat treats! They are softer and usually smaller in size, allowing cats to munch through them easily. If your cat likes a challenge and wants to chew on something harder or tougher, you can consider buying thinner strips of our dehydrated treats as well and breaking them off into small pieces for your cats to chew on!

Are your treat suitable for puppies and kittens?

Definitely! Our freeze-dried collection are soft and usually smaller in size, which makes perfect treats for puppies and kittens. For larger sized puppies, our thinner dehydrated treats can also be an option.

Our treats are just made with 100% pure meat and so are safe to be fed once your puppy or kitten are older than 4 months.

Are chew treats good for my dog?

Yes!! Chew treats are beneficial to both your dog's mental and physical health. The act of chewing helps release serotonin and endorphins and is a very satisfying and relaxing activity for your dog.

Chewing on our harder chews are also beneficial for your dog's dental health as the harder treats will scrape against your dog's teeth while they chew on it, helping clean off plaque and prevent the formation of tartar.

How often can my dog eat chew treats?

Our chew treats can be eaten daily to provide enrichment and keep your dog's teeth clean. Of course, the appropriate size and amount of the chews given will depend on your dog's size and age as well.


What supplements do you offer?

Our supplements are made by a local brand called Puppermint. All their supplements are formulated and blended in Hong Kong using 100% natural ingredients.

As their ingredients are non-medicated, Puppermint promotes a more gentle and natural way of supplementing your pet's daily diets to improve their wellbeing.

All their supplements are suitable for both dogs and cats. Guaranteed without any preservatives.

How will the supplements be packaged for delivery?

By default, our powder products such as the supplements and meal toppers will be packed and delivered in our recyclable paper bags. Once received, please transfer them to an airtight container.

You may also choose to upgrade the packaging to a glass, airtight container. The option for upgrading are on the individual product pages.

How much of the supplements should I feed my pet per day?

The Puppermint supplements are fed depending on your pet's weight. For every 10kg that your pet weighs, it is recommended to feed about 1 teaspoon of the supplement per day.

If it is the first time your pet is trying the Puppermint supplements, we recommend to start small and gradually increase the quantity to the correct amount over a few days to allow for a smoother adjustment.

Can I mix the supplements and feed more than one type per day?

Yes, you may mix and feed more than one type of supplement per day. Although if you are trying the supplements for the first time, we recommend to feed one type of supplement for the first week before mixing a second type into the diet. This way, if there are any adverse effects from the supplements, you will know which type caused the unwanted reaction.

What are meal toppers? How much should I feed?

Meal toppers are ground up versions of our treats that can be added to your pet's meals. Meal toppers may help increase the appetite for the pet food and is a good way to add more nutrients to their diet.

There isn't a feeding guideline for meal toppers, but in general, the toppers should only be a small part of your pet's diet and should not take up more than a quarter of the meal.


How will the shampoos and other liquid products be packaged for delivery?

Our liquid grooming products such as our shampoos and conditions will be packed and delivered using airtight containers.

You may choose on the product page whether you prefer for them to be packed in a donated glass container or if you would like to add a small fee to upgrade to a new, reusable container for packaging and delivery.

Are the shampoos and conditioners suitable for puppies and kittens?

Yes, the Earthbath products are formulated to be very gentle and are suitable for both puppies and kittens over the age of 6 weeks.

My pet's skin is very sensitive, are your grooming products suitable?

Our Earthbath shampoos and conditioners are very gentle and the risk of irritation is very low.

You may choose products that are fragrance-free and further dilute the shampoos to reduce the chance of irritation even further. Earthbath shampoos can be diluted up to 10 parts water to 1 part shampoo.

Do you offer grooming services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer grooming services, only grooming products!


Are all your products made by Hong Kong brands?

Almost all the products we offer at Hidden Gems are either made or designed in Hong Kong (only exceptions being the toys and Earthbath products).

By choosing only local brands, not only can we support our small local businesses but we can also reduce the carbon footprint from the logistics and packaging from international deliveries as well as commercial factories.

How do I use the refilleries at your stores?

All our refillery products are sold by the gram. You may either bring your own container or use one of our complimentary paper bags/donated jars to refill on our treats, supplements, and grooming products.

If you are not using our paper bags, remember to weigh the container first so you can subtract its weight from the total weight after refilling. If you are using our paper bags, the weight of the bag (tare) is written on the lower right corner for your convenience.

We don't have a minimum purchase requirement so feel free to refill as much or as little as you like!

Can I donate used containers to you?

Yes please! We are always in need for more donated glass containers for our customers to reuse. Please clean them thoroughly before donating to us. We strongly prefer glass, airtight containers but will also take small, airtight, food safe plastic containers if in good condition.

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