Pawffy Leash Set Workshop

Pawffy Leash Set Workshop

Join this workshop to create a truly unique collar and leash set for your dog! Taught by the founder of Pawffy, she will lead you through choosing and mixing colours and hand-dyeing the collar and leash set for a customized look your dog can rock.

Class details:

  • Group size: up to 3 people
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price: $530 (leash only) / $590 (collar + leash set)
  • Available leash styles: Regular / Crossbody leashes
  • Available collar style: Flat / Slip collars
  • Available thicknesses: 8mm / 12mm
  • Colours: More than 10 colours to choose from, can also mix for a unique colour. Each leash can be dyed with a maximum of five colours. 

This workshop is only available at our store in The Mills.


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